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We aim For a Greener, Safer, Cleaner and Healthier Iraqi Environment for the benefit of all


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Who We Are?

The Iraqi Environment and Health Society-UK (IEHS-UK) was Founded & Led by Dr Jehan Baban in 2015 in response to increased concerns around environmental degradation in Iraq and its impact on public health.

IEHS-UK is also supporting the advancement of environmental and health sciences and their application in Iraq.

We aim to advise on how to modernise environment and health curriculum in schools and colleges in Iraq.

Among IEHS-UK objectives are:

  • To protect the Iraqi environment and the Iraqi citizen health.
  • To support Iraqi professionals and academics interested in environmental and health issues inside and outside Iraq.
  • To establish and strengthen links with Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment and Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Institutions in Iraq concerned with environment and health and to help scientists and environmentalist in Iraq, promoting joint research work and collaboration.
  • To work with civil society organisations and NGOs in Iraq and UK concerned with environment and health.
  • To establish and develop a network and data base of Iraqi Environmentalist and Academics abroad and inside Iraq and Iraqi university departments concerned with environment and health.
  • To organise an annual scientific conference focusing on Environment and Health and in collaboration with appropriate Iraqi Ministries and departments.
  • To publish bulletins and reports outlining topical environmental and health concerns in Iraq or regarding published official Iraqi or international reports.
  • Strengthen relations with the research institutions and professional bodies on European and international level concerned.
  • To support and assist Iraqi postgraduate students and researchers studying in UK and facilitate good relations with Iraqi official bodies based in the United Kingdom.

Environmental areas of interest to IEHS-UK

  • Ambient and in-house air pollution.
  • Chemical and biological pollution of Water.
  • Cancer Management & Environmental pollution in Iraq.
  • Soil pollution by Chemicals, fertilizers and Pesticides (Agriculture).
  • Impact of war and conflict on environment in Iraq.
  • Environmental impact of Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Climate change and Desertification in Iraq.

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