Environmental areas of interest to IEHS-UK

We aim For a Greener, Safer, Cleaner and Healthier Iraqi Environment for the benefit of all


  • Ambient and in-house air pollution.
  • Chemical and biological pollution of Water.
  • Cancer Management & Environmental pollution in Iraq.
  • Soil pollution by Chemicals, fertilizers and Pesticides (Agriculture).
  • Impact of war and conflict on environment in Iraq.
  • Environmental impact of Oil and Gas Industry.
  • Climate change and Desertification in Iraq.
  • Water Scarcity in Iraq.
  • Flood in Iraq.
  • Alternative non fossil fuel energy resources (Renewable Energy).
  • Biodiversity and Fish Kill.   
  • Iraqi Marshes.
  • Radioactive Pollutant in Iraq.
  • Waste Management & Recycling.
  • Landmines, IEDs and chemicals and biological explosives.
  • Environmental Laws in Iraq.
  • Role of International and NGOs.
  • Environment & health education.
  • Environmental impact on public health in Iraq.

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