We aim For a Greener, Safer, Cleaner and Healthier Iraqi Environment for the benefit of all


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Have completed a degree at post graduate level and have interest in studies and research related to environment and health. 2. Abide by the constitution of the IHES- UK. 3. Applicants must be approved by the IEHS-UK Executive Committee. 4. Pay the annual membership fee £ 05 for the employed & £ 04 for unemployed and students on Higher Education and pensioners. 5. Contribute to the activities & scientific conferences organised by the Society. ةيوضعلا طورش

1. ةيعماجلا تاساردلا ةداهش ىلع لاصاح وضعلا نوكي نا و ةئيبلا اياضقب مامتها وذ و ايلعل

.ةحصلا 2. يلخادلا ماظنلاب مزتلي نا .ةدحتملا ةكلمملا يف ةيقارعلا ةحصلا و ةئيبلا ةيعمجل 3 . بلط مدقي نا ا .هيلع ةيرادلإا ةئيهلا ةقفاوم ىلع لوصحلا و باستنلال 4 . يونسلا كارتشلاا عفد غلابلا 05 ل دنواب نيلماعل , ايلعلا تاساردلا ةبلطو نيلماعلا ريغلو

نيدعاقتملا و 04 ب دنوا .

5. ةكراشملا .تاحرتقملا ميدقت و ةيعمجلل ةيملعلا تايلاعفلا و تاطاشنلا يف

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